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Downward belt conveyor

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Downward belt conveyor

  1. Product introduction:

In our country, the downward belt conveyor has become an important material conveying equipment in in mines, wharfs, and cement etc industries. The advanced design of automation, structural layout, use safety, reliability, continuity and efficient operation of its design will directly affect the progress of coal mine development and economic benefits. The high-power, long-distance belt conveyor can be controlled to move down the belt, which can realize the smooth braking and stopping under the heavy load of the belt conveyor, especially the smooth braking and stopping when the power is suddenly cut off, which can effectively prevent the brake impact caused Speed ​​accidents caused by broken belts, brake failures, etc., effectively reduce the impact on the belt conveyor and extend the service life of the equipment; improve the design system of the downward belt conveyor to achieve high-power, long-distance and high-speed downward belt conveyor transportation , The maximum transport power reaches 4*-1000KW, the transport capacity is 4500t/s, the belt speed is 4.5m/s, the belt conveyor design theory is optimized, and the structure is reasonable, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the belt conveyor. For the first time, our company successfully applied large damping rollers to the lower conveyor belt, which increased the running resistance of the lower conveyor belt and effectively solved the problem of belt conveyor speed. At the same time, when the conveyor is working with load, the motor works in the power generation state, which can feed back the power of the grid, which has a good energy-saving effect.
At present, this type of downward belt conveyor technology is used by CNBM Sichuan Lisen Cement Group, Xinkuang Group Panxi Coal Mine, Xinkuang Group Huafeng Coal Mine, Shanxi Xishan Jinxing Energy Co., Ltd. Xiegou Coal Mine, Handan Mining Group, Sichuan Successfully applied by Esheng Cement Group.

  2. Scope of application: transportation of bulk materials such as power plants, cement plants, coal mines, docks, iron ore, steel plants, chemical plants, pulp plants and coal preparation plants.

  3. Transport materials: raw coal, limestone, lime paste, iron ore, clean coal and other bulk materials.

  4. Product advantages

  1. Adopt the company's patented product liquid viscous soft starting device and disc brake device to realize the smooth start of the belt conveyor and the reliable stop of the heavy load, with good stability and reliability;

  2. When the braking torque is large and the safety factor of the belt is low during braking, when conventional brakes cannot brake safely and reliably, the inertia generated by the conveyor during braking is balanced by the friction between the belt of the auxiliary machine and the main machine. It greatly improves the safety factor of belt braking and effectively prevents accidents such as broken belts and flying cars. Line friction effectively controls speeding along the line;

  3. Adopt the company's patented product to control the moving idler, disperse the braking force along the line, reduce the centralized braking force, and improve the safety performance of the whole machine.

  4. The use of large damping rollers increases the running resistance of the lower conveyor belt and effectively solves the speed problem of the belt conveyor.

  5. Product structure and technical parameters

  Downward belt conveyor is a special belt conveyor that conveys materials from high to low. This type of belt conveyor has negative power during the transportation of materials, and the motor is in a state of dynamic braking. It is the key technology of this type of belt conveyor to effectively control the full-load start and stop of the belt conveyor, especially to realize the controllable soft brake of the belt conveyor in the case of sudden power loss, and to prevent the belt conveyor from running away.

  The main mechanical components of the conveyor:

  1. Conveyor belt (to form a circular transportation system);

  2. Roller: used for belt change and transmission;

  3. Roller: used to support the belt;

  4. Drive unit (motor, reducer, braking equipment, etc.): drive the belt to run with animal materials;

  5. Steel structure: frame, middle frame, outrigger, roller group, etc. provide equipment support;

  6. Tension unit: provide initial tension to ensure that the conveyor belt can transmit friction;

  7. Auxiliary equipment: feeding device, unloading device, sweeper, safety protection device, etc., special also need turning device, maintenance platform, etc.

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