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Long - distance cross - country plane turning conveyor

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  Long - distance cross - country plane turning conveyor

  1.1 Product introduction

Long-distance cross-country plane turning belt conveyor system is JUXIN Conveyor researched & developed to the large, intelligent, high-end direction, with independent intellectual property rights of new products on the basis of DT II belt conveyor.
The product has applied for a total of 28 patents, including 9 invention patents, which can completely replace imports. Long distance belt conveyer with cross-country type plane with steel wire core belt traction components of continuous conveying equipment, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, power station and building materials industries, has high production efficiency, large throughput, less energy consumption, which can realize continuous long distance transportation, work stable and reliable, low noise, low pollution, simple structure, low operation cost, etc.
Its long conveying distance and large transmission capacity, and multipoint level curve of turning transportation mode, can maximum limit satisfy the material transfer, high yield and efficient working face is comprehensive mining and smart key equipment, specialized production system is a big smart to vigorously promote the use of the world's environmental protection and energy saving equipment.
The long-distance cross-country plane turning belt conveyor is designed according to the parts series. The working environment temperature is -25 ~ +40℃. For the workplaces with special requirements such as high temperature, cold, explosion proof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance and waterproof, corresponding protective measures should be taken separately.
The designer can select, design, calculate and combine the whole conveyor according to different terrain and working conditions according to the requirements of conveying technology. The maximum length of a single conveyor is 15.58km, the maximum power of a single conveyor is 3× 1750kW, the maximum conveying capacity is 7500t/h, the belt strength is 4500N/mm, the maximum bandwidth is 1800mm, and the maximum allowable resultant force of the drum is 2100kN.

  1.2 Performance characteristics

The performance of long-distance cross-country flat turning belt conveyor is as follows:
(1) The single machine has a long conveying distance, which can realize the single machine without intermediate transfer conveying for a long distance, greatly improving the conveying capacity and efficiency;
(2) The conveying line can realize horizontal turning with a small radius, and the maximum conveying turning radius is 80-120 larger than that of the ordinary belt conveyor;
Its operation is stable to ensure that the conveyor belt does not run off-course or scatter materials during long curve conveying. It has strong resistance to crosswise wind and protects the environment.
(3) multi-point horizontal turning, can replace more than one machine.
At the same time, the product can make multi-point horizontal turns, overcoming the limitation of the traditional belt conveyor to the conveying area and space. One conveyor can replace multiple sets, greatly reducing the construction investment, making the power supply and control system more centralized, and effectively realizing the skill consumption reduction.
(4) The maximum length of a single machine is 15.58km;
(5) Integrated intelligent control technology, which can realize centralized control and interlock of all lines of equipment such as production equipment.

  1.3. Major technological innovations

(1) It is the key equipment to realize the super-long distance and super-large volume continuous and efficient transportation, which cannot be replaced by bulk long-distance material conveyors such as mines, docks and building materials.
Patents related to the technology include: patent ① new idler for plane turning belt machine 201020233634.9, patent ② alloy blade sweeper patent 201010280423.5, patent ③ vertical hydraulic tension device of belt conveyor 201020233664.X, etc.
(2) To achieve the minimum radius turning curve conveying, one machine can replace more than one machine, greatly reduce the project investment, the belt conveyor equipment function expansion and reuse value;
Patents related to the technology include: patent ① New front multi-functional upper idler set 201220609692.6, etc.;
(3) Integrated intelligent control technology, which can realize centralized control and interlock with all equipment of mining and other equipment;
Patents related to the technology include intelligent control system of long distance belt conveyor 20120740499.6, etc.。

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