From conveyor belt, idlers, pulleys, rollers, frame and other wear parts, to complete conveying systems. JUXIN will handle any of your conveying and bulk material handling needs.
Belt Cover
Belt Cover has the function of  rain-proof, dust-proof and wind-proof.It can protect the conveyed material from damaged and keep the belt running safe and reliable, thus protecting the environment on site. The belt conver are fabricated from galvanized steel or color plate with different profiles available.
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Conveyor Belt
Conveyor belt is the main component of belt conveyor, mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical, construction and transportation departments of large-scale continuous transportation. In terms of microstructure, the conveyor belt is mainly composed of skeleton material, covering layer and backing material, among which the covering layer is the key part to determine its performance and use. According to the different materials used in the covering layer, the conveyor belt industry can be divided into two categories: heavy conveyor belt and light conveyor belt. The former takes rubber (including natural rubber and synthetic rubber) as the main raw material, so it is also called rubber conveyor belt. Its scope of use is concentrated in the field of heavy industry and infrastructure construction.The latter is the main use of polymer materials, mainly used in food, electronics and other light industry. 
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Belt Cleaner
Conveyor cleaner is a kind of device used to clean the conveyor. In the process of conveying materials of belt conveyor, if the residual attached materials enter into the roller or roller bearing seat, the bearing wear will be accelerated, and the materials stuck on the roller or roller surface will tear and roughen the rubber on the conveyor belt surface, which will accelerate the wear and destruction of the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt cleaners help remove bulk material product carry back and prevent it from falling off at various points of the conveyor along the return side of the belt causing various housekeeping and conveyor belt maintenance problems. 
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Conveyor Impact Bed
The surface layer of the impact bed is made of UHMW-PE with low friction coefficient, and fixed on the steel bracket by high elastic rubber buffer body. Depending on the effective support the conveyor belt, it can absorb the impact of materials on the conveyor belt, reduce the belt wear, and extend the service life of the conveyor belt. Its structure design is reasonable, can be used together with guide chute seal plate, achieve good sealing effect, it is the ideal product of the blanking port buffer equipment.  
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