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Talent strategy


At JUXIN, we seek out people who embrace working for a worldwide leader in their industry. Our employees are driven by the idea that we can always do a better job of solving problems for our customers. 


Training and Development

JUXIN encourages its employees to undertake personal and professional development activities to ensure a long and personally satisfying career. We are committed to working alongside our employees so they may gain relevant skills and business related qualifications. JUXIN strives to empower each staff member to realise their full potential.


Recruitment and Selection

Ensure the best candidate is appointed for the job

Recruit individuals who demonstrate alignment and commitment to our vision and values and create a sustainable competitive advantage for our company

Ensure we comply with our legal and ethical obligations


Sales Manager Regular college 20 2023-09-23
Location of work: Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, America and other countries and regions - - Age limitation for work: 3-5 years Educational background:: Regular college Number of people to be recruited: 20 Wages: 10000 - 100000
Job Responsibilities:   1, can independently develop steel, coal, mining, building materials, electric power, port, chemical and other related industries in the belt machine business and new and old customer maintenance. 2. Responsible for belt machine channel sales planning, making and organizing the completion of annual sales targets. 3. Have a deep understanding of channel sales management and a strong awareness of risk control assessment. 4. Strong communication and execution ability, good market analysis and research ability. 5. Strong ability to work under pressure. Qualifications: 1. College degree or above, major in sales, marketing, machinery, foreign trade, etc. 2, belt machine industry experience is preferred. 3. Extrovert, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication ability and affinity. 4. High professional dedication, strong sense of responsibility, initiative and ability to work under pressure.    
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Founded in Hebei, China in 1994, Juxin has grown over the years from a specialist conveyors company to a broad based conveyor engineering company providing materials handling solutions and mechanical installation services to a wide variety of industries and applications.

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