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Timely Service To Pursue Customer Satisfaction

7 × 24 telephone service, global replenishment within 7 days at least


Perfect pre-sale service
Construction plan

Equipment selection

Site plan


 Intimate sale service
Installation and commissioning
 monitoring platform



Comprehensive after-sales service
Perfect delivery

Maintenance and discharge

Complaint response

The cooperative service guarantee network spreads all over the world

We are on standby for each device to provide a full range of maintenance, to provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop integrated service solution, engineering installation, debugging and maintenance, equipment maintenance and upgrade, etc., in the face of customers sincere trust, Juxin will unswervingly adhere to the service concept of “customer-centric, create value for customers”, and provide telephone service throughout the process, all-weather, all-round, and full-hearted 7 × 24 hours. JUXIN creates the ultimate service experience and creates more value for customers.

Create world-class customer service and care

Juxin knows that customers still face various engineering difficulties in the process of using products. Therefore, Juxin has nearly 100Nos full-time service engineers in various service outlets. All of them have undergone systematic professional training and passed strict examinations. They have a college degree or above in mechanical or related majors and excellent technology..
To find the problem faster, we use all available high-tech methods
Juxin is equipped with common tool kits for every service engineer.The service vehicle is equipped with standard service vehicle tools;Service sites are equipped with standard tools by level;The support center is equipped with standard tools to facilitate regular comprehensive testing and maintenance of customer equipment, speed up fault judgment and shorten the time of fault resolution.


SINCE 1994'

Founded in Hebei, China in 1994, Juxin has grown over the years from a specialist conveyors company to a broad based conveyor engineering company providing materials handling solutions and mechanical installation services to a wide variety of industries and applications.

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