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From conveyor belt, idlers, pulleys, rollers, frame and other wear parts, to complete conveying systems. JUXIN will handle any of your conveying and bulk material handling needs.
Head Pulley with Ceramic
In order to keep the ceramic immobility, we redesign ceramic block, perfect rubber wrapping technique, choose better international brand adhesives to improve the bonding force and even adjust the whole work flow. JUXIN settle the belt slippage problem by enlarging the ceramic cover area. We have improved the ceramic cover area to 38% in spite of other company still cover 25% -35% of rubber. JUXIN rubber's ceramic lagging all adopt 95 model ceramic block, so the abrasive resistance can extend the product to 5-10 years. Our Ceramic Lagging improve step by step, during the process we continuously pay attention to how to reduce operating slippage. Theoretically, the size of ceramic cover area can decide products’ anti-skid performance. Hongxin rubber have improved the ceramic cover area to 38% in spite of other company still cover 25% -35% of rubber.  We redesign the Ceramic Lagging as customers various use situations. Except increase the sticking area between ceramic and rubber, we also improve the rubber wrapping technique to prevent the block fall off from rubber. Ensure customer’s equipment operation safety is always what we are pursuing. 
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