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DX Steel Cord Belt Conveyor

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DX Steel Cord Belt Conveyor

1.1. Product introduction
DX-type steel cord belt conveyor is a large-capacity, long-distance, high-efficiency continuous conveying equipment that uses steel cord belt as traction and load-bearing components. It can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, electric power, mining, chemical industry, etc. This kind of continuous conveying system is used to convey various bulk materials and finished items with a bulk density of 500~2500Kg/m3. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, large transportation volume, low energy consumption, continuous long-distance transportation, stable and reliable operation, low noise, low pollution, simple structure, and low operating cost.
DX-type steel cord belt conveyor is designed according to the series of components. The working environment temperature is -25~+40℃. For high temperature, cold, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and other workplaces with special requirements, it should be take corresponding protective measures separately. The designer can select, design, calculate and assemble the entire conveyor according to different topography and working conditions according to the requirements of the conveying process.
1.2, performance characteristics
DX type steel cord belt conveyor has the following advantages compared with other transportation methods:
The range of conveying materials is wide, and the conveying volume is large;
The transmission line has strong adaptability and long transportation distance;
The structure is simple, and the loading and unloading is very convenient;
Strong reliability and high safety;

1.3, product specifications and main parameters

DX-type steel cord belt conveyor

width of therubber belt Speed of therubber belt Maximum Corveying Capacity Maximum indination
( mm ) ( m/s) (t/h) ( deg )
800 2.0;2.5;8.15 550;688;865 22
1000 2.0;2.5;3.15 888;1100;1400 22°
1200 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0 1300;1625;2050;2600 22°
1400 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0;5.0 1800;2250;2830;3600,4500 22°
1600 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0;5.0 2380;2975;3850;4760;5950 22°
1800 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0;5.0 3070;3838;4840;6140;7675 22°
2000 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0;5.0 3840;4800;6050;7680;9600 22°
2200 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0;5.0 6120;7650;9639;12240;15300 22°  
2400 2.0;2.5;3.15;4.0;5.0 7531;9414;11861;15062;18828 22°


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