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Rubber Impact Roller

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  Product Introduction

  The long-life and high-sealing rollers designed and produced by Juxin Company are mainly developed for the current belt conveyor roller manufacturing accuracy is not high, the rotation resistance coefficient is too high, the running noise is large, the sealing is poor, and the design life is generally not reached. The roller adopts a fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof structure, and the bearing assembly adopts high-precision bearing chamber and special high-quality bearings for the roller. It has the advantages of exquisite structure, low noise, maintenance-free, long life (service life over 50,000 hours), and reliable performance. It is a good choice for advanced belt conveyor systems.


  Product advantages

  1. The roller skin adopts high-precision high-frequency welded pipe, with small radial runout and good balance;

  2. The bearing adopts stamping parts, and the press-fitting and positioning surfaces are processed by CNC;

  3. The bearing adopts KA series roller special bearing;

  4. The roller shaft is made of 45# steel, which has high strength and adopts CNC turning and grinding to ensure accuracy;

  5. The roller seal adopts a specially designed low-resistance contact seal with automatic compensation, which is dustproof and waterproof to ensure long-term good lubrication of the bearing;

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